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Hi I’m Emily -
A work and life coach for successful people wanting more.

Did you know that for many of us, our true calling starts to emerge after we’ve accomplished a lot of our goals? So even if you’ve created a successful life, it’s completely reasonable to think, what’s next for me?

For some people, this kicks up a lot of guilt (how can I ask for more when I’ve been given so much?) and for some, this kicks up a lot of fear (how can I possibly change my path now?), but for most it’s both.

Throughout my 15 years of leading people in various organizations and fields, I felt like my life looked good on paper - I had amazing jobs, lived in vibrant cities, and kept busy with hobbies and socializing. I thought I should have been happy, or at least satisfied. But instead I had a nagging feeling of wanting more. 

I started trying to figure out what that was for me by exploring different fields. At first, it was primarily through a spiritual lense - attending personal growth retreats, becoming a yoga practitioner, practicing mindfulness. These explorations filled in many of the foundational pieces that were missing for me,  but I also wanted to understand the science behind why I felt the way that I did. 

This led me down the path of studying neuroscience and earning professional certifications through Insights Discovery and the Life Coach School.

Through it all, I shed many beliefs and identities that were no longer serving me. I learned more about how my brain works and how to work with it, instead of against it. This journey allowed my true calling to emerge, and I discovered the work that I was meant to do, the work that leaves my heart and mind full at the end of the day, and that is coaching.

Your path to more - whatever more means for you - won’t look the same as mine, because it is uniquely designed for you. I am here to help you define what you are looking for, face and release the fears that are blocking you, and provide steady accountability and support as you start taking steps in the direction of your dreams.

I was one of those people who struggled with both feelings - guilt and fear. 

My unique approach to coaching pulls together years of experience in both professional settings and spiritual spaces to bring you a truly holistic experience.

It’s not just about the woo-woo, and it’s not just about taking action - it’s about exploring both sides of yourself so that you can clear all blocks and finally start achieving what you are craving at a deeper level.

  • Masters in Education, UC Davis
  • Stanford Continuing Studies
  • Insights Discovery Accredited Practitioner 
  • Life Coach School Certified Coach
  • COR Leadership Development Training

My Credentials

My practice is informed by advanced trainings rooted in cognitive behavioral science, somatic awareness, mindfulness techniques and spiritual practices. I’m a certified life coach, yoga teacher (200 hours), and hold a Masters of Education from UC Davis. I also have 15 years of professional experience leading people and communications in the media, education, and tech industries.

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